Victoria’s distinctive emerald green-tinged hair turns heads everywhere she goes, but even more whisper about her family’s downfall. Cursed by evil spirits and reputation besmirched by possessed relatives, Victoria has dedicated her life to restoring her family’s honor. Volunteering to cleanse the land of the growing evil is just her first step.

Primary Stats


Class Progression


* This class progression chart is a static representation of the jobs which heroes of this class may attain. Some heroes may remain at Tier 1, others at Tier 2, and a small number advancing to Tier 3.

Character Skills


Provoking Shield

Taunts Enemy, forcing affected to target Hero for 3 turn(s). (Does not work in Arena)

Shields this Hero, reducing all damage taken by 16% for 2 turn(s).

Defensive Riposte

When Hero gets hit, there is a 75% chance to:
Increase DEF of Everyone in aura by 15% of Hero's DEF for 2 turn(s).