Fiona lost her family in a vicious raid, but her perseverance and tenacity have made her what she is today. As an unwilling victim herself, Fiona knew firsthand of the hardships survivors faced, and directs her efforts toward helping those in similar situations. She does, however, harbor an intense hatred of those who took everything away from her; she keeps this side hidden in the depths of her heart.

Primary Stats


Class Progression


* This class progression chart is a static representation of the jobs which heroes of this class may attain. Some heroes may remain at Tier 1, others at Tier 2, and a small number advancing to Tier 3.

Character Skills


Crippling Strike

Deals magic damage equal to 122% of Hero's ATK to Enemy.

Reduces Enemy DEF by 15% for 2 turn(s).

Aura of Empowerment

Increase ATK of Everyone in aura by 10% of Hero's ATK.