Formerly the bodyguard of a rich but corrupted baron, Silvia was defeated by Freya during the rebellion against the corrupted Nobles. Barely surviving the ordeal and in revelation of her former master, she was ashamed of herself and vowed to not only turn over a new leaf but also to help those in need.

Primary Stats


Class Progression


* This class progression chart is a static representation of the jobs which heroes of this class may attain. Some heroes may remain at Tier 1, others at Tier 2, and a small number advancing to Tier 3.

Character Skills


Forceful Strike

Deals magic damage equal to 152% of Hero's ATK to Enemy.

Dead Eye Command

When Hero attacks, there is a 75% chance to:
Increase CRIT of Everyone in aura by 10% of Hero's ATK for 2 turn(s).