Under the tutelage of a mysterious sect of assassins, Rin has honed her entire being into the perfect weapon. Every move she makes is with purpose, each step bringing her closer to the elimination of the quarry. Callous and calculating, Rin is as cold as the blades she carries, but a select few have been able to catch a glimpse of a vulnerable, eager-to-please young woman underneath that hard exterior.

Primary Stats


Class Progression


* This class progression chart is a static representation of the jobs which heroes of this class may attain. Some heroes may remain at Tier 1, others at Tier 2, and a small number advancing to Tier 3.

Character Skills


Expose Armor

Deals magic damage equal to 122% of Hero's CRIT to Enemy.

Reduces Enemy DEF by 15% for 2 turn(s).

Timely Shove

When Hero lands a Critical attack, there is a 100% chance to:
Trigger Others in aura to Knockback an enemy.