Even though he was put through arduous training in wizardry and combat, Zedd remains a steadfast scholar with a thirst for knowledge and the unknown. In the Mage quarters, he is seldom seen without a ponderous tome. His dedication to research has made him an authority on some of the more esoteric subjects, though such fame means very little to him.

Primary Stats


Class Progression


* This class progression chart is a static representation of the jobs which heroes of this class may attain. Some heroes may remain at Tier 1, others at Tier 2, and a small number advancing to Tier 3.

Character Skills


Life Drain

Deals magic damage equal to 91% of MAG to All enemies and heals for 20% of damage dealt.

Spell Binding Command

When Hero attacks, there is a 75% chance to:
Increase MAG of Everyone in aura by 15% of Hero's MAG for 2 turn(s).